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Our History

Creedmoor Drug Company, Inc, became an established pharmacy in March 14, 1910. Originally the company was owned by a group of stockholders, with majority of the stocks being owned by a doctor, J.F. Sanford, who primarily ran the pharmacy at that time. He operated the business from Railroad Street (now Elm Street) for a few years before moving the store to a location on Main Street.

The pharmacy was later bought out by John Lambreth Rogers and continued to be family owned ever since. Rogers graduated from University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy in 1914 and went to work for the owners of Creedmoor Drug. Rogers eventually bought all of the stocks to become the sole owner.

In 1942, ownership changed to Otis W Aiken and C.F. Fleming. Fleming was not a pharmacist, but a businessman, leaving Aiken to run the pharmacy. Fleming moved the store’s location to 201 North Main Street. On August 1, 1956, a pharmacist Herman Price, a South Carolina alumnus, purchased one-half of the pharmacy from Mr. Aiken. Price passed away October 30, 1961 of a rare blood disease, at which time Aiken hired Cy Wheeler of Oxford, NC to come in as a pharmacist.

Claude Wheeler, from Chapel Hill and a University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy alumnus was then Pharmacist at Sloan Drugs in Chapel Hill. He proceeded to purchase Price’s share of the store in 1962 and began working as Aiken’s partner. Aiken passed away the morning of Claude’s first day, thus leaving him to run the store without any help or guidance in the daily activities of the store. This led to a tough first few weeks but Claude overcame the challenge, persevered, and ultimately, he bought out Aiken’s share of the business to become the sole owner of Creedmoor Drug Company, Inc. He moved his family, wife Velva, and three children, Cam, Lynda, and Bobby, from Chapel Hill and began their lives in Creedmoor, NC.

In 1968, the Granville Theatre, located a few doors down from the drug store at 108 North Main Street, burned down. Claude took advantage of this opportunity to increase the size of the store and offer a larger selection of merchandise by purchasing the remains of the theatre. Back then the pharmacy consisted of three booths, a fountain, and a large section of comic books and magazines. After a few years of renovating the new location, the merchandise was transferred from the old location to the present location on March 14, 1970. This new building allowed for an expansion of a health center, a cosmetic section, and expanded fountain service to allow for homemade sandwiches, a smoke shoppe, and an expanded card section. Claude worked 8:30am to 6:00pm every day, all year, to ensure the best quality of service and health care to his patients.

On January 1, 1983, Bobby Wheeler, also a graduate from University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy, came back to work for his father. This led to Bobby and his wife Debbie, to purchase the pharmacy January 1st, 1984 from Claude and Velva. Through the years that Bobby has owned the pharmacy, multiple improvements were made including the upgrading of technology, and different areas in the pharmacy, such as the soda fountain. Bobby continues the tradition that was started many years ago in being committed to service in the community, our schools, and our churches.

Meet Our Pharmacists

Bobby Wheeler, RPh

Bobby has been a longtime resident of Creedmoor. He graduated from South Granville High School in 1972, and then graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1979. Once he became a pharmacist, he worked at Six Forks Pharmacy in Raleigh, NC for two years before moving back to Creedmoor in 1983. One year later, he purchased Creedmoor Drug Company in 1984 from his father, Claude C. Wheeler, Jr.

Bobby is happily married to Debbie Wheeler and they have three sons, Robby, Alan, and Ryan, with one daughter in law, Ashley. He currently enjoys traveling to the beach, and relaxing at home in his free time.

Bryan Blalock, RPh

Bryan was born and raised in Rockingham, NC. After graduating from high school in 1989, he attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he earned his BS degree in Pharmacy in 1994. Bryan began his career with CVS and worked for 10 years, primarily in Wake Forest. In 2004 he left the chain pharmacy scene to work for an independent pharmacy, Wake Forest Drug. He worked there until he came to Creedmoor Drug in March of 2015.

Bryan is happily married to his high school sweetheart, Dawn. They have two teenage boys, Kaden and Gavin. He enjoys traveling with the family and playing golf in his free time.

Ryan Wheeler, PharmD

Ryan was born and raised in Creedmoor, NC and is the son of current owner, Bobby Wheeler. Ryan graduated from South Granville High School in 2010 and began at Campbell University in Fall of 2010 in the pre-pharmacy program. He completed two years of undergraduate work before starting at Campbell University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Fall of 2012. He graduated from pharmacy school in the Spring of 2016, with honors, and began a one year post graduate training at Realo Discount Drugs in New Bern, NC. During this time, Ryan completed a research project detailing the effects of a community pharmacist on chronic disease states in outpatient clinics, specifically with Heart Failure and COPD. This project earned him a spot on the cover of Pharmacy Today magazine. Ryan hopes to bring innovation to the pharmacy at Creedmoor Drug, while continuing to embrace and preserve a small town, family feel.

Ryan enjoys playing various sports, relaxing on the beach, and spending time with his friends and family.